Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Education is Key

Even though the
massachusetts school law of 1642 was the first step towards education, when it was written the most ironic aspect was that it had nothing to do with school. It poorly states that parents and masters need to teach their children "to read & understand the principles of religion & the capitall lawes of this [america] country." There was never intention of educating a child but for the mere purposes of abiding by the laws of the country. However, it was the first time in the English-speaking world that children were mandated to read and write.

Because of neglect, the massachusetts school law of 1647 (Old Deluder Satan Law) required children to be educated. Each town with more than 50 households would "appoint one wth in their towne to teach all such children" and if any town should exceed 100 households "they shall set up a grammer schoole;" from their they would attend a university.

Furthermore, in order to connect to God on a higher level one would need to know how to read the Bible, so education became the key to religion. These poorly established laws would lay the foundation for modern education.