Thursday, November 19, 2009

The End is Near

The ending of the Great Depression is not signified by any specific event in history. However, most historians say that America entering World War II was the end of the Great Depression. When America first considered entering the war in Europe, they began the arming process. Workers were needed in factories to make war time supplies for America and its allies. With such a high demand for supplies, Americans that were previously unemployed were now getting jobs in factories making supplies for the war. The unemployment rate went below 10%. Productivity rose like never seen before. People were working overtime, and not going out as often with their families. People began saving money and budgeting their everyday spending.

America was brought out of the Great Depression thanks to WWII, however it was more the morale of the Americans. Without the Americans undisputed support of the war, business owners may not have pushed production to the extent they did. In the end, the fact that supplies were needed pulled America back to the forefront of international industry.