Tuesday, December 11, 2012

 Declaration of Environmental Rights
 "We, therefore, resolve to act. We propose a revolution in conduct toward an environment which is rising in revolt against us. Granted that ideas and institutions long established are not easily changed; yet today is the first day of the rest of our life on this planet. We will begin anew."
Declaration of Environmental Rights, 1970.

Due to an oil leak in 1969 caused by a drilling installation in California, the United States of America created the Declaration of Environmental Rights. The Declaration declared that people need to respect the environment that surrounds them. If people do not have respect for the environment it will disappear and we will not be able to survive.
 "We need an ecological consciousness that recognizes man as member, not master, of the community of living things sharing his environment." I choose this quote from Hofstadter because it reminds people that they are a part of the environment. That they need to respect their surrounds because if they don't, one day it will be gone.

Diana Bender

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