Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Mass production makes a Better World"

 I do believe mass production can effect the world in which we live.Mass production as we all know is producing large amount of goods and services and a low cost per unit.Many great sociologists such as Karl Marx,Max Webber tested this theory of Mass production.In contemporary society Mass Production can be useful to the economy to an extent.If you produce a large amount of goods,then this will ultimately create jobs for unemployed individuals.The great Henry Ford also did this with his company-Ford Motors.Even though Mass production is said to be capital and energy intensive,due to the fact that mainly machines are being used,you still need manual labor to operate these machines and fix these machines.Edward Filene another great ideologist in American History,shared the same sentiments.He was convinced that mass production made a better world,in addition he also believed that it would create jobs despite the over usage of machines as opposed to manual labor.Mass Production is practiced not only in America,but in many industrialized countries over the world.The world is certainly not perfect as how Edward Filene would've imagined,and I'm sure he never wanted a perfect world due to Mass Production,but because of his ideas and others the world is certainly more abrupt on production.

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