Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Factory Life 1845

Women were forced to live a very strict and harsh life while they were working in a factory. An excerpt from "Factory Tracts" describes working conditions for the operatives and urged everyone to help change them. The excerpt says the work day begins before the sun rises, even in winter. The average work day was 12 hours and the wages they were paid were horrible. The were only given one lunch break which was half hour, and when they finally got off work they had to live in a boarding house.

In our article called "Factory life", a woman called Julianna wrote a letter addressing the harsh conditions that she was forced to live through. The Lowell Offering, which was an owner influenced paper, refused to publish her letter because factory owners felt the letter was a threat. Instead the Lowell Female Labor Reform Association printed it as a pamphlet instead.

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