Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reign of King Mob

During the Revolution in the New World, there was a group of people of did not agree with the loyalist. There were mobs throughout the colonies. "At Worchester, a mob of about five thousand collected, prevented the court of Common Pleas from sitting and all drawn up in two files, compelled the judges, sheriffs, and gentlemen of the bar, passed them with cap in hand, and read their disavowal of holding courts under the new acts of parliament, not less than thirty times in their procession." People who were loyal to the King and obeyed his laws, have behaved in such a manner of quietness and peace. And for that exact reason that have been deprived of their rights and liberties. Because of their loyalty to the King they were targeted by the mob and riots. These people wanted to become a new nation of its own not apart of the British colonies.

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