Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Can you handle the truth?

As I was reading Howard Zinn's The People's History: Columbus, Indians, and Human Progress, I, among others who have been taught the Christopher Columbus story the "PG" way, was more than entirely shocked by the content that filled the chapter. At first, I felt indifferent about the story, however the more I read on, the more I felt like saying "This can't be. How could he write these lies?" Unfortunately for me, so did others who felt the same way I did. I had to stop and think about how afraid I was about finding about the truth behind "the discovery". It really couldn't have been peaches and cream with finding the Americas. Better yet, the islands because he didn't even find North or South. It just irks me how America just changes around the stories of history, with the fear that the people will find out the naked truth. Although I'm sure people know that there are many skeletons lying in America's closet. This was just one of them.


Edward Rowles said...

I don't think anyone can handle this truth. We are finally stepping into the light and it's blinding.

K.Dyer said...

That's a good reference to the Allegory of The Cave.